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Our Director

Heather Schmitt, M.Ed. BCBA


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Dear Families,

I am very excited to begin the educational journey with you at Stepping Stones Services! Stepping Stones was created due to a need we saw at Hopelight. Many students with special needs stand on the bank of a river, looking across toward the other side to many things that are difficult for them to access without a way to cross the trepid waters. Educational, social, and physical opportunities can be limited for some children, especially children who have special needs.

Our goal is to make Stepping Stones a safe environment where our students can receive an education from a highly skilled teacher that has a small class and the time to effectively adapt lessons to meet them where they are academically. Where our students have the one-on-one support to help them develop and use the skills they need. Where our students can develop positive friendships, learn how to communicate effectively, and learn how to advocate for their own wants and needs.

These skills and opportunities will help our students build stepping stones they can use to cross the river and enjoy all of the positive things on the other side. It is our end goal to help our students become as independent as they possibly can and to grow into people who not only thrive in the world but have the skills to enjoy it.

These stepping stones are laid down for each student through the combined effort of the student’s team. The people that know a child best are their families. Through the parents’ expert knowledge of their child and the school staff’s professional guidance and support, I believe that the potential for a quality and fulfilling life is significantly higher for our students.

Community is another important aspect of Stepping Stones School. I have been a part of many different schools, professionally and as a mom. The schools that had the greatest impact on me personally were those that had a unified community. I invite all of our families and staff members to work alongside me as we build Stepping Stones School into a strong, positive, and supportive place for our children.

If you are the parent of a child with special needs and abilities and are looking for a school placement that will meet your child’s needs, contact us, we are happy to help you.


Heather Schmitt, M.Ed. BCBA

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