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Enrollment in Stepping Stones is based on determination of medical necessity for ABA therapy.  Each student will be given ABA support during the school day and must have an authorization through Medicaid or private insurance for ABA therapy with Hopelight in order to be eligible for enrollment at Stepping Stones School. 

Enrollment Process:

  1. Set up a free consultation with a Hopelight representative

  2. Assessment for determination of fit

  3. Obtain an authorization for ABA therapy through Hopelight with Medicaid or private insurance

                        Note: Our Hopelight Intake Specialist will help you through this process

Required Medicaid/insurance authorization for ABA support:

  • 25-hour-per-week authorization: eligible for free enrollment into Stepping Stones School

  • 30-hour-per-week or more authorization: eligible for wraparound services of before or after school ABA therapy

  • Half day Kindergarten available for children with 15-hour or more authorization

                    Note: First come-first served on preferences for morning or afternoon Kindergarten

Our Campus

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